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School Library Media Specialist: Langston Hughes School

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Job Title School Library Media Specialist
Vacancy # 19-044
Position #
# of Openings 1
Category Teacher
Employment Full-Time/Regular
Salary Per Collective Negotiations Agreement
Calendar Days 260
Published Date 06/15/2018
Target Fill Date 09/01/2018 
Closing Date N/A 
Location Langston Hughes School
Experience Entry-Level or Experienced
Degrees / Certificates SLMS (2855) / ALMS (2845)
Contact Information:
Thelma Ramsey


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          1.       Bachelor’s Degree


          2.       Valid New Jersey Instructional Certificate


          3.       Good written and verbal communication skills


          4.       Good interpersonal skills


5.       Required criminal history background check and proof of U.S. citizenship or legal resident alien status







The teacher is responsible for the instructional planning, implementation and development of the curriculum, student supervision and evaluation.  He/she will maintain an environment that is conducive to learning and provide for the health and safety of the students.





1.      Planning Skills

a.       Utilizes established curriculum objectives in planning lessons


b.       Prepares and submits written daily lesson plans which have clearly defined measurable objectives and adequate provisions for assessment of student learning


c.       Provides opportunities for students to participate in local, state and national competitions and/or projects, if applicable


d.       Adapts teaching methods and materials to meet the needs of all students


2.      Instructional Skills

a.       Demonstrates effective written and verbal communication skills


b.       Demonstrates knowledge, understanding and application of subject matter


c.       Communicates the objectives of the lesson to the students in a clear and concise manner


d.       Teaches to the intended objectives, providing appropriate time on task


          e.       Utilizes a variety of instructional strategies and materials


          f.        Utilizes varied and effective questioning techniques


g.       Provides for student individuality including varied interests, abilities and/or styles


          h.      Encourages high expectations for student performance


          i.        Actively engages the involvement of all students


          j.        Develops and encourages critical thinking skills


          k.       Demonstrates enthusiasm and excitement for learning


l.        Investigates and incorporates appropriate educational technology in the classroom such as computers, internet, software, hardware, tools, etc.


3.      Classroom Management Skills


          a.       Provides for health and safety of all students


b.       Establishes and maintains a classroom that is conducive to learning


c.       Demonstrates fairness and consistency in interactions with students


          d.       Promotes student leadership


e.       Maximizes the use of instructional time through the establishment of effective procedural routines


f.        Provides opportunities for students to share responsibility for implementing classroom procedures


g.       Encourages positive student attitudes and feelings of success


          h.      Accounts for books, supplies, materials, and equipment


i.        Maintains grades and attendance to record student progress and daily attendance


j.        Explains grading criteria and standards of evaluation to students


4.      Curriculum Development


a.       Is knowledgeable of current content standards, best practices and recommendations of professional associations pertaining to his/her teaching discipline


b.       Monitors subject and pedagogical contents of assigned curriculum guide documents, ensuring congruence with state/occupational and applicable professional association teaching and learning practices and standards


c.       Maintains ongoing dialog with colleagues from other teaching disciplines and exploits opportunities for developing interdisciplinary curricula units and activities


5.      Other


a.       Must be able to perform all of the essential functions of the job with reasonable accommodations, if necessary


b.       Performs other related duties as assigned by the principal or designee




          1.      With Students


                   a.       Exhibits good rapport with students


                   b.       Demonstrates respect for the rights of students


c.       Displays sensitivity to students by listening to them and responding professionally to their needs


d.       Promotes in each student a sense of personal growth and positive self-esteem


                   e.       Demonstrates patience, empathy, and understanding


                   f.        Promotes cooperation and teamwork


                   g.       Creates a supportive environment


h.      Is a positive role model for students in speech, appearance, and behavior


                   i.        Demonstrates sensitivity to cultural diversity


          2.      With Parents/Guardians


a.       Actively pursues open communication with parents/guardians, as needed


b.       Makes course goals and objectives easily accessible and understandable to parents/guardians


          3.      With Staff


a.       Collaborates cooperatively with staff and the administration in achieving the district’s educational goals


b.       Exhibits professional and ethical attitudes and behaviors towards colleagues




1.       Implements required school regulations and administrative requests


          2.       Provides for a safe and clean environment


3.       Positively contributes to the development and maintenance of faculty and student morale


4.       Promotes and fosters parent/guardian and community confidence in the schools’ programs and efforts


          5.       Participates in the development and evaluation of curriculum


6.       Contributes/lends assistance to committees, staff meetings, and/or individuals promoting school-related activities


          7.       Arrives at school and classes on time


          8.       Demonstrates satisfactory attendance as defined by district policy




          1.       Seeks assistance, when necessary


          2.       Accepts and uses constructive suggestions


3.       Participates in professional improvement opportunities including, but not limited to, taking courses, attending workshops, reading current materials, and participating in professional organizations


4.       Shares and implements acquired professional knowledge and skills among the school community


5.       Submits and documents appropriate growth goals and objectives through a professional improvement plan (PIP) and/or professional portfolio


6.       Actively works toward fulfilling state-mandated professional development requirements


Application Procedure




          1.       Review of credentials filed with the Superintendent of Schools



2.       An oral interview will be held to determine the personal qualifications and aptitude of applicants for the position as required


3.       The appointment of a person to the position advertised is the responsibility of the Board of Education and will be made in accordance with Board policies related to the appointment of professional personnel


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